Company Headquater India
Pricing $16000-$18000
Deployment Type Cloud, SaaS and Web based.

Product Description
SpotDraft is the #1 contract lifecycle management (CLM) software for fast-growing companies. Businesses across the globe — OnDeck, Chargebee, Notion, Razor Group, Kaleyra, BharatPe, People 2.0, DarwinBox, EndowUS, to name a few — use SpotDraft to manage their contracts efficiently. ​The AI-driven solution empowers in-house legal teams to save up to 10 hours per week and helps them close deals 25% faster, freeing them to focus on more strategic projects.


There are several unique features about SpotDraft – contract templates, third-party integrations, unlimited storage, bulk import of historical contracts, and 100% security. The defining feature is SpotInsights – a one-of-a-kind contract dashboard that allows the business to: -Visualize the entire contract lifecycle across various contract types -Identify bottlenecks in the contracting process -Identify the most negotiated parts of the contract – which in turn allows the in-house counsel to go on to create better first drafts of the contract.

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