CaseDocker- Coingeit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

CaseDocker- Coingeit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Company Headquater India
Pricing CaseDocker Subscription Plans: Lite, Starter, Bronze, Silver, gold, Platinum INR 3600-120000 and Custom Package
Deployment Type SaaS

Product Description:
CaseDocker is a multi suite SAAS product that provides Compliance Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Notices Management Case Management with invoice, Task Management, Document Management with Case Tracking.


Online Digital Contract Management powered with artificial intelligence, flexible workflows, eSigner and eVault transforms Contract LifeCycle. It starts from Contract Initiation to Review/Negotiation to Approval/ Execution to Contract Performance Management (Obligation Management) till Expiry/Renewal.

Case Management Suite in integration with C3 framework helps to Connect,Collaborate &Communicate with Team, Clients, and external Legal Experts. It provides features & functionalities like Calendar, Task Management, Contact Management, Team Management, Channelized Chat, Document Management and provides required Dynamic Reports etc. Case Digital File has information & documents related to a case like Tasks & Activities, Case Communication, Case Proceeding/Orders/ history/Notices/Defects/Application/Cause-list etc. Case File can be accessed by authorized individuals under people tab as per their Roles & Responsibilities.

Tracks litigation cases across courts and updates case file. Personalized Cause list provides list of Cases with Court room cause list. Manages financials starting from Time Management, Professional charges, or Expenses. Client Portal allows offline or online communication and sharing information & documents with clients.

CaseDocker Notice Management has Integration with CaseDocker Contract Management, Case Management Modules and also supports integration with Core Business Applications. Contracts Breach/Non Compliance Notices • Pre & Post Litigation/ Arbitration Notices • On Demand Core Business Application integration based on workflow, buckets, etc. • Bulk Notices through API Call or offline Data Source i.e. csv, xls etc

Litigation WorkDesk :A multi-user AI & ML powered SaaS based platform helps in managing cases either in Litigation, Arbitartion, Advisory, or Consulting. It manages complete case digital file having all the Case related documents, communications, task details ,notes and case proceedings. It pulls the updates from various courts (Trial Courts, Tribunals, High Courts & Supreme Court) and auto updates case file. Moreover shares the Daily Digest having details of Case updates and next day listed cases.

Anyone from Any Where has the Real-time Status of Cases and Notices. Case Docker Dynamic reporter provides customized reports on demand on few clicks. Litigation Workdesk’s case management module has integration with notice management which manages pre & post litigation notices (Individual/Bulk) and also it is integarted with AI & ML powered Legal research platform through 360 Degree research bed. Provides references corresponding to cases based on case issues, facts, evidences, legislation and key stakeholders.

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