Legodesk- Legodesk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Legodesk- Legodesk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Company Headquater India
Pricing pay-as-per-use
Deployment Type SaaS

Description: Legodesk is an Integrated legal software solutions for law firms, banks, and NBFCs


Legodesk is a cloud-based integrated legal software solution for law firms, banks, NBFCs, and FinTechs. In this digital environment, when numerous technologies are required to manage legal practices, legal teams get a full solution with Legodesk. Legal teams can spend more time focusing on the actual legal work by using Legodesk’s cutting-edge technology.
You can use our cross-application features to:
a. Keep track of your cases in various Indian courts
b. Automate your legal operations
c. Collaborate with current and future clients
d. Online dispute resolution
e. Generate and send legal notices, and much more.



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